Another war has broken out!


Allies that joined the war:


France Left the War

Great Britain

New! Maratha Confedarcy Nation Destroyed



Allies that joined the war:

New! Mughal Empire Left the War





The First Battle, Date: March 1st, 1701Edit

The Prussians strike first when the charge into Silesia, Sieging Wroclaw.

The Prussian and Russian forces are lead by General Wilhelm Kohleschmied and General Vladmir Varkov


General Kohleschmied

Prussian Forces

50,000 Infantrymen

1,000 Artillerymen

2,000 Cavalrymen


General Varkov

Russian Forces

100,000 Infantrymen

2,000 Artillerymen

3,400 Cavalrymen


The Austrian and Polish forces are lead by General Bielschimdt and General Dabrowski


General Bielschimdt

Austrian Forces

20,000 Infantrymen

100 Artillerymen

790 Cavalrymen


General Dabrowski

Polish Forces

10,000 Infantrymen

100 Cavalrymen

The Prussian Forces won by brute force, They are now in control of Wroclaw

Interception, Date: March 10th, 1701Edit

After capturing Wroclaw, the Prussians learned the the Polish were sending a large force recapture the city. So they the Swedish Sent a large force to intercept them.

The Swedish Forces were lead by General Gustovus


General Gustovus

Swedish Forces

200,000 Infantrymen

10,000 Artillerymen

22,000 Cavalrymen



General Haloski

The Polish forces were lead by General Heloski

Polish Forces

220,000 Infantrymen

990 Artillerymen

It was a long and hard battle, But the Swedish forces prevailed.

A New Ally! Date: March 15th, 1701Edit

France has joined the war on Austria's side! Will this change the tide of the war?

Siege of Munich, Date: March 17th, 1701Edit

The French have sieged Munich, It is unlikely the Bavarians will prevail.

The Bavarian forces are lead by General Jielschmidt
General Jielschmidt

General Jielschmidt

Bavarian Forces

20,000 Infantrymen

1,000 Artillerymen

500 Cavalrymen

General Louis

General Louis


French Forces

137,000 Infantrymen

3,000 Artillerymen

900 Cavalrymen

The Bavarians were crushed. And the French Captured Bavaria.

Seige of Paris, Date: April 1st, 1701Edit

On this day, April 1st 1701 the Russians have seized Paris. The largest army to ever siege a city in history. With the French army in Bavaria this should be a easy capture. The Russian forces are lead by General Makorov and General Kriefchenko. The French army is lead by General Michelle

General Makorov

General Makorov

1st wave of Russian Forces

857,000 Infantrymen

10,000 Artillerymen

24,000 Cavalrymen

General Kreifchenko

General Kreifchenko

2nd wave of Russian Forces

400,000 Infantrymen

6,000 Artillerymen

8,000 Cavalrymen

General Michelle

General Michelle

French Forces 100,000 Infantrymen

2,000 Artillerymen

1,000 Cavalrymen

The French surrendered. The Russians took 103,000 prisoners.

A Ally Steps Down, Date: April 4th, 1701Edit

Due to revent events, France has stepped down from the war. We have given Russia All our colonies in America in exchange for our home region of France. We have given Prussia the region of Alsace-Lorriane. We have also freed the Bavarians from our rule. We have kept the Regions of France, The French Guyana in the Americas, and Corsica. We have agreed to cancel trade and our allyship with Austria, Great Britain, Poland-Lithuania and Saxony.

Reinforcements, Date: April 23rd, 1701 Edit

The British have finally sent reinforcements to help push back the Prussians and their Allies. This may turn the tide of the war. The British have landed in Prussian held lands

Ambush, Date: April 24th, 1701Edit

While unloading supplies the British were ambushed by the Prussians, By sea and by land.

The Prussians are lead by General Haskjager and Admiral Nichtstofen

Admiral Nichtstofen

Admiral Nichtstofen

Prussian Navy

2 1st Rate Ships of the Line

3 3rd Rate Ships of the Line

24 6th Rate Frigates

32 Brigatines


General Haskjager

Prussian Army

156,000 Infantrymen

500 Artillerymen

12,000 Cavalrymen


The British Forces are lead by Admiral Johnson and General Garand.

Admiral Johnson

Admiral Johnson

British Navy

1 1st Rate Ship of the Line

2 4th Rate Ships of the Line

32 6th Rate Frigates

47 Troop Transports

General Garand

General Garand

British Army

88,000 Infantrymen

150 Artillerymen

The British Lost by land and by sea. The suvivors retreated to the safe lands of Poland-Lithuania.

Angered AlliesEdit

Many of Austria's allys have been questioning Austria's place in this war, They have taken the least casualties in THEIR war. Talks of stepping down from the war have been heard from Poland-Lithuania and Great Britain.

Invasion of the British Isles, Date: May 19th, 1701 - June 5th, 1701Edit

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Invasion Plans

The British Empire has been a sore on the world, Their conquests in America and their Attacks on India have annoyed many great nations. Russian and Prussian forces will sieze London and Wales, Soldiers from Saxony will board Prussian ships and take attack Scotland and Ireland. The Russian Navy will attack the British Navy near England, and the Prussian Navy will attack the British Fleet at Wales.

The Prussians are kead by General Reichstmier

The Russians are lead by General Barkov

Saxony is leadby General Teichtofen

The British are leadby General Garland & General Kecker

Prussian Landing Force

300,000 Infantrymen

British Facing the Prussians

100,000 Infantrymen

4,000 Artillerymen

10,000 Cavalrymen

The British lost the battle, losing Wales, the Prussians now advance towards London

Russian Landing Force

250,000 Infantrymen

British Facing the Russians

157,000 Infantrymen

7,000 Artillerymen

2,000 Cavalrymen

The British could not hold back the Mighty Russian Bear, It now marches towards London


The Lines are holding, For now

Saxony lost to the British on both fronts, only capturing some of the land

The British made a push and forced Saxony out of Scotland, but they regrouped and took Ireland


After the British Push


They have drove the British out!

Finally, after many weeks the combined Russian and Prussian forces destroyed the British armys, But the fight isn't over...

A Country in Outrage, Date: June 10th, 1701Edit


Territorys before the Attack

After learning of the loss of the British Isles, The British Armys from India and America race towards Europe. Leaving only Small Forces to guard their lands. When the Mughals learned of this, they decided to strike the Lightly defened British territorys in India, and to strike their enemys, The Maratha Confederacy. Forcing both countries into the war. The Assault on the British Territorys begin now.

After the Attack

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The Marathans are crushed! But the British make it to the Sea

A push, Date: June 23rd, 1701Edit

With new trade agreements the Mughals start to return to their fromer power. And the are able to crush the Marathan Rebels and destroy the Netherlands territorys. Meanwhile the rest of the British forces push threw to the sea.


The British escaped on a unknown fleet. The Marathans were crushed. The Empire returns to its former glory with land purchases from The Chinese Ming Empire and the Ottoman Empire.
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The EndEdit

The war has finally ended with the treaty of Apelle-de-Jespar. The Holy Roman Empire is united. Great Britan has received England, Scotland and Ireland back. Leopold I steps down as the Archduke of Austria and is replaced by Joseph I.